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OLSON ERP Financials

Having access to key financials and reports is critical to your business success. With Olson ERP Financials, you get comprehensive tools that allow you to control all your financial data and processes. And since financials are integrated with your sales, support, purchase, bank, inventory and other functions, you get real-time financial data directly from those departments, enabling faster, smarter business decisions.

The Olson ERP Financials solution gives growing business a competitive edge.

Nominal Ledger

The Nominal Ledger module makes information from all your other ledgers readily available through its superior interface and simple point-and-click actions. Full multi-currency, multi-base currency and multi-company operations, eight levels of analysis and comprehensive reporting enable you to focus your attention where it matters.

Sales Ledger

Accurate control of credit, prompt invoicing and debiting of customers, comprehensive analysis of sales activities, support for international operations…. all these functions and more are among the many capabilities offered by the OLSON Systems Sales Ledger module.

Sales Order Processing

Sales Order Processing offers built in flexibility with no limit to the number of lines on an order. If you also have OLSON Systems Stock Control in place, all orders, receipts and invoices will be reflected in the stock system.

Purchase Ledger

Achieve greater levels of automation and control of payments to creditors, and cut through the complexity of managing relationships with suppliers with OLSON Systems Purchase Ledger.

Purchase Order Processing

OLSON Systems Purchase Order Processing gives you total control of your purchase order operations. Quick, easy and flexible to use, this module provides tight authorisation levels to keep control of expenditure.

Reporting and Analysis

Management reporting functions offering varying levels of complexity from a comprehensive range of standard reports, Excel-based design and presentation, and user-defined management reporting.

System Wide Features

Some key functions that apply to all modules include robust user and data security to account level, drag and drop import/export, document mailing and scanning, and powerful customisation.


Contacts, Sales Activity and Document Management support all aspects of Sales & Marketing.


The payroll modules are available in four editions catering for all sizes of organisation.

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