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OLSON Banker

Customer relationships in banking have considerably changed over the last few decades with more and more customers carrying out transactions on self-service channels. To assist community / rural banks offer more services and convenience to their customers, Olson Systems has designed the olson Banker, an integrated self-service banking platform that revolutionises the interaction between the customer and the bank at every point of contact. The Olson banker is the latest in the range of our rural banking software after the very popular BSL eFinance & Rural Banker .The Olson banker platform is designed to tackle the current technological challenges, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service to increase share holders value for Rural Banks, Savings & Loans, Micro Finance institutions, Credit unions and Susu companies.

Additional modules

Additional Modules of the Olson banker include:
OLSON BANKER is now available on the OLSON Cloud services for wide area connectivity

Related Documents

Attach original documents to a customer, such as scanned copies of loan agreements or letters send to customers.


Log all events that occur with a customer in the system. Such as conversations or meetings.

Security Groups

Extensive security allows for individual users be given access to individual customers or other information.  For example, a user can be prevented from accessing particular types of customers accounts, or in the accounts, a user may be prevented from viewing individual nominal codes, such as wages.

Audit Log

An audit log records every user login, log off and even tracks which users have viewed which customer accounts.


By using a simple standard webcam you can capture customer pictures direct into the system.


The BSL vWAN is our very own custom software that provides a much cheaper alternative to the standard WAN without requiring the expenses installation of Satellite dishes and expensive monthly Bandwidth charges.

Using BSL vWAN you can connect all your branches/ shops / offices into a Wide-Area-Network with the immediate benefits such as instant consolidation, group accounting and MIS (Management Information Systems).
With our Banking software, you can now allow a customer to access their account from any of your branches.

SMS Text Alert

Provide a service to your customers whereby they will be notified by SMS Text Message as soon as any deposit or withdrawal is made into their account.


Plot your clients to exact positions on a map.  Allow collectors to know exactly where to locate a client by providing a detailed customer report showing an overview map and a close up map of the address.

Custom Fields

It is possible for to you to defined up to 10 custom fields to hold additional information about a customer that is not included as standard. You can then provide analysis and reporting by these custom fields.

Digital Document Manager

This innovation allow for you to simply digitize any number of office documents and letters and store them for instant retrieval. Simply place the document in a standard low cost scanner. The document or letter can be recalled by any user with sufficient privileges.

Integrated Communications.

Each user can communicate with other users within the system by means of chat or messaging. Tasks can be assigned to users and the originator can track the progress of outstanding tasks.

Post IT Notes.

Reminder notes can be placed on the screen with alarms set for dates or times.

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